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This Season:            
There is just one more event in the current (67th) season:
11th April
A concert in memory of our late patron Gordon Langford when the A4 Brass Quartet will include two of his works.
For details of the full season Click here.

     19/20 Season:
Planning for the 68th Season (October 2019 - April 2020) is now complete.
     Full details will be published in April.
17th October
       Emmanuel Bach - violin and Jenny Stern - piano.
Joanna Leach Foundation's annual concert.
14th November
Ruisi String Quartet.
Programme includes a new work by Gary Higginson commissioned by SEATONMusic.
12th December
Dominic Childs - saxophone and Simon Callaghan - piano.
20th February
Ducasse Trio.
Charlottte Maclet - violin; William Slingsby-Duncome - clarinet; Fiachra Garvey - piano.
19th March
Romanian pianist Cristian Sandrin supported by TheCountess of Munster Musical Trust.
23rd April
The Briggs Piano Trio.
David Juritz - violin; Ken Woods - 'cello; Sarah Beth Briggs - piano.
Thought: Why not have a relaxing evening and spend the night at the recently opened Premier Inn in Harbour Road?

SEATONMusic's next concert (last in the current season) is on Thursday 11th April 2019:

11th Aplil Concert            Jonothan Bates (JB):                               Toccata 4
Traditional arr Gordon Longford (GL),
                Transcribed Chris Robertson (CR):
Fantasy on British Songs
Joseph Kosma arr JB:                    Autumn Leaves
Thomas Doss :                                             Moskito
Kentaro Sato arr JB:                   Mae-e (Forward)
Traditional arr GL, Transcribed CR:
Blaydon Races
Bramwell Tovey:                                 Street Songs
arr JB:                                        Alone at the Opera
Presented in memory of Gordon Langford
A4 Brass is sponsored by Chalker's
This concert is supported by The Tillett Trust

Updated 22nd March 2019